What to learn from successful football coaches

Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancellotti are successful football coaches who have gain significant experience and tons of titles by coaching footballer throughout their careers. Here are the wisdom that we can learn from their success.

1) Have a Clear Goal

As leaders and managers responsible for thewhole team’s success, a coach must have a clear goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Without a clear goal, it is directionless for not only one individual but the whole team which might lead to continuous failures. A role model in setting clear goal is Sir Alex Ferguson who always set clear direction for his team mentally and tactically, resulted in a constant win rate of 65% during his tenure and the highest in Premier League.

2) Trust Players

As much control and power coaches might have on the training ground, they have almost none as long as the game starts. Hence, they must learn to trust their players to execute the game plan accordingly. 

3) Balance between Fun and Serious

It’s common that coaches put to much pressure on players to win during training sessions; however, we believe that injecting some fun into the sessions would help the team bond better and help release stress. Of course, during training, things need to get serious once they learn a new technique or practice strategy. It is essential to know when to have fun and when to put in the seriousness.

4) Celebrate the Moment

It’s a joyful moment whenever a goal is scored or winning a match, coaches should always celebrate the moment with players to boost their spirits and fuel their energy. Look at the enthusiastic celebration of Jose Mourinho and the child-like celebration of Alex Ferguson. 

5) Encourage the Players

No matter loosing or winning, everyone has an off-day. Successful coaches should know this and continue to encourage their players as loosing is just temporary to build permanent class. So prepare yourself to encourage them the next time someone in your team looks demotivated.