What is expected from a head coach?

To be a successful head coach of a UEFA club or any professional football club, a coach must own a Pro Licence and meet the club’s expectations and ensuring that his/her profile fits the club’s environment. So, what does a club and its president/owners expect from the head coach?

Bernhard Heusler – the formal president of Swiss club FC Basel – gave advice from a new and different angle, in which, he stated that coaches need to find a balance between reality and expectations in considering whether to take a high-risk and high-pressure job in a professional club. It is also essential to compile a personal profile, and be sure that it fitted the working environment of a club that was considering employing them.

Heusler also encourages the student coaches do proper “due diligence” on prospective employers, learn everything possible about the club’s history, objectives, owners, values, philosophies and so on. You can learn from the media, public, or your personal network. In case that, the expectation of the club and coach doesn’t meet, it would be dangerous to join the journey. Thus, steer clear of unrealistic expectations and targets.

Future coach must also do a self-assessment process, in which, they must make an honest personal appraisal about their capacity to deal with the various facets of the job, especially the high pressure and demanding of the job. There might be situations in which the president, the players even the journalists have their doubt and criticism. It’s certainly crucial that future coach accept being criticised and work hard to prove their ability.

Coaching profession can be an uncertain career path in an uncertain environment; however, if you are persistant your effort might pay off some day.

So if you have enough passionate, just follow your dream and one day, the world will know your name.