Top the greatest winter sports in North America

The USA is famous for the cold winter. It’s great to go outside and play some winter sports.

According to researches, playing sports in the winter brings a lot of benefits for health as well physical. Therefore, you shouldn’t be lazy and stay at home during the winter. It wastes great time outside. Instead of it, you should go out and enjoy some winter sports.

In this article, we will share top greatest winter sports as well place to play it in the North America.

1, Skiing in the Mount Bachelor, Oregon

This area is highly recommended to visit in the winter. In the recent time, they have just invested the high-speed chirlift which is up to $6.5 millions. It is built up on the dramatic volcano mountain with 13 new runs.

The Oregon becomes a hot place for skiing ranked the fifth largest in general. At there, skiiers feel amazing to discover beautiful landscapes surrounding forest. Furthermore, view from this area, you can see the large sea under mountain. Skiiers will have more experience with different skiing levels. Even, some professional skiiers can join this area when they offer challenges.

At this area, they have enough services like night’s accommodation, care hire or accessories in skiing.

2, Cat and heli-skiing in the Revelstoke, BC

This is luxurious resort for skiing from a small village at Revelstoke. They offer many modern services for skiing like using lift for travel, cat and heli-skiing.

It’s new experience when using cat ad heli for skiing with a reasonable fee. On average, a class for newcomer is about 100-128$ for per lesson. This trainning course is necessary to instruct you how to ski through the tress or tricky teerain safely.

At the resort, they also invest more new cars with high quality to support or help customers in the emergency as well increasing the lift capacity.