Top the best managers in Chelsea

Chelsea is well-known as a good club with a rick history and series of success in domestic and abroad field. To reach these achievements, it could have been done with top the best managers who ever led this team to glory.

In this article, we collect top the talented managers in Chelsea. The fact that it’s difficult to pickup who is in the list when there are hundreds of coaches comes then goes naturally. So, we use the term of managers’ time to make the ranking.

1/ William Lewis

William Lewis is the first name to have in the spot light because his importance to grow and exist of Chelsea Football Club since some days of starting.

As soon as the club was founded, William was employed to lead this team. he was under pressure to build up a special performance for the Blues. By his talent and experience, he helped Chelsea to go the third place in the old Second Division cup which was remarkable their spot in the top flight of good clubs.

2/ Claudio Ranieri

Although Claudio Ranieri didn’t reach any trophies within four years under management but he still deserved in the ranking due to some outstanding credits for this club.

First step, he helps Chelsea to increase their position towards the top four of the Premier League which was one of the highest competition Chelsea joined. By his takeover, Chelsea could maintain stability and confidence during the events.

In 2003, Chelsea had to face on the verge of financial collapse. Then it was Claudio to take care and manage this club to recover and come back to the international competitions.

However, someone gave critics to this coach when his strategies made mistakes to loss winning of the Champions League semifinal against Monaco. Anyway Claudio was one of the best coach in Chelsea history.