Top the best managers in Chelsea

When referring to some national football clubs in the UK, we can’t ignore Chelsea. They are a strong club with series of great achievements and prizes in the ranking of the UK as well in the international area. To own these much of success, we need to refer to talented managements of coaches. They played an important key to lead Chelsea to glory.

However, to list who is the best manager in Chelsea is extremely difficult because we have a wide range of fields for comparison. Therefore, this article will only consider about manager’s time. This method will be used certainly in these rankings.

Following to see top the greatest managers in this club during history.

3/ Ruud Gullit

Ruud Gullit helped Chelsea to break winning successfully since their club was established.

In 1997, after 26 years for playing and hard practicing, Chelsea could reach the first trophy in FA Cup league which made impressive and happy for both fans of Chelsea and all people in team. The truth that this was the first season Ruud Gullit was in charge of management. In this year, Chelsea was finished with the 6th in the ranking of all national teams which was out of expectation.

However, in the next season, Gullit was sacked without explanation detail about reason whereas his team was getting good result in the play-off.

4/ Glenn Hoddle

Although Glenn had not reached any trophy for Chelsea, he contributed as a pioneer to build up high quality footballers looking like international stars. So his students were not only famous in the Premier league but also having reputations and big transfer from other international clubs.

The highest finish he with Chelsea was the 11th in the ranking of Premier league. He also led team to go the finals of FA Cup in 1994. However, they were only in 2nd place.