Top soccer coaching tips (part 2)

Check over your soccer kit

Regularly check your kit to see what needs renewing, replenishing, mending before the season starts. A fully stock emergency aid kit will do much help in case of injuries. If any replacements needed, there are many different ways to raise the necessary funds such as sponsored activities, find out if parents’ employers will sponsor or approach local firms.

Set a goal for the season ahead

A clear goal should be set ahead of the season whether you want to get to the top of the league, to win every game on the way or get the winning title. A clear goal will help set each player specific milestones and goals that help contribute to the wider objectives and goals of the team. Moreover, a risk management scheme should be set up as no player will be a shining star throughout the season and when things go wrong, a backup plan/ player should be ready. 

Plan your training sessions well

A terrific soccer training session should be fun, move at a quick pace but still can keep players on their toes, move from drill to drill quickly and efficiently. Coach must plan ahead every sessions to ensure progression, practicing of the techniques and skills learnt then allow players to be stretched as soon as a technique is mastered up the level to make it harder. 

Provide good quality demonstrations and KISS feedback

Remember a picture replaces a thousand words, which is a great way to make demonstrations. Ask player to help with demonstration the new technique, although they can’t do it perfectly first time, it’s still better than solely words. After that, practice and provide the feedback to players on what could or should have done so that players grasp the concept. Feedback should be specific, Short & Simple.