Top soccer coaching tips (part 1)

Coaching young soccers to develop their soccer skills and grow into confident, young people is a tremendous honour but challenging. Therefore, to help coach successfully train their players, here are top coaching tips. Although some of them are common sense, they are still worth remembering. Use them as checklist to master those skills!

#1 Ensure that players enjoys themselves

Although winning is important but striving to win is different than winning at all costs and sport shouldn’t be the sole reason for playing. Coach need to help players feel the joy of playing and enjoy the game by allowing to express themselves and giving them the skills to play.

#2 Organize a pre-season contracting session

As the the season is approaching, coach should ensure that everyone, including players, parents and assistants know exactly what the goals and plans are so that everyone contributes accordingly. A clear agenda would make new players feel engaged with transparent policies, rules, and codes. Also, coach should ensure that nobody leaves with any shred of doubt as to what’s your plan for the season ahead.

#3 Get your paperwork in order

Coach must make sure that all players have signed all the necessary paperwork well in advance of the season, especially those required parental consent to participate in training sessions and matches. Additionally, emergency medial aid should be in placed when needed. It is also important to know if players have an allergy or medical conditions such as asthma to prepare in advance. Once you have this information, keep it with you so you can refer to it in an emergency.

#4. Brush up your own skills

Coach must read and educate themselves on technical elements such as new practices and drills, tactics, formations and strategies, etc. all updated information will come in handy such as child protection best practice, how to give life saving emergency first aid and how to organize and run coaching sessions