Top coaches with the highest paid salary in 2020 (Part 3)

Football managers play an important role to determine success or loss of a team on the pitch. They are flexible to analyze strategies as well build up other positions like attacker, defensive, offensive so that they can take advantage of talent and ability of players.

Although they might not have much spotlight as their footballers, they also are offered high earning as much as or more than them in case they are extremely excellent.

Now, we will continue to share the ranking of top highest-paid coaches in 2020. Who they are and who can earn how much in per year at manger position? Following our ranking.

5, Rafael Benitez






Rafael Benitez is a former Spaniard player.

Although he has not got so much achievements for the title, he is considered as one of the highest-rated football managers in the world with an enviable CN.

He has ever reached series of achievements when leading Valencia and Liverpool. It makes career to be valued and respected.

In 2019, he ended the three-year contract with Newcastle, he was transferred to China to lead the Dalian Yifang, with salary €13.8m per year. His mission is to help his new students to go on the 9thplace in the Chinese super league after finish the season.

6, Fabio Cannavaro






Fabio Cannavaro is from Italy but he has more than decade to be close with the Asian leagues.

He has a long time to manage the Guangzhou Evergrande.

He was employed in the first time in 2014 to 2015. Then he was reappointed in 2017 due to his success at this club. This event made him to become one of the highest-paid head coaches with €12m per year.

As his commitment, he helped the Guangzhou to go the Championship in Chinese FA Super cup in 2018 and Chinese super league in 2019.