Top coaches with the highest paid salary in 2020 (Final)

Here we continue to share top the best head coaches paid the highest salary in football in 2020. Following to understand more about commercial franchises in football as well leading to success or failure of one football club.

7, Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers had a successful season when helping Liverpool to the Champions in 2014. This record made more valuable to other clubs.

While Leicester city was being confused to make winnings and glories, he was received a bumper contract with big missions. He needed to guide Leicester city to the winner in Premier league and one ticket for the top four to go the European qualification.

These standards and goals were extremely high but he still made commitment because he had a big salary up to €12m.

8, Antonio Conte

In the last season, he managed Chelsea in the Premier league, however he was not really successful. Then he was transferred to Inter Milan, with salary up to €10.8m. This number was on the top the high paid salary for one coach at Inter Milan.

However, his mission was really difficult when he need to help Inter Milan to restore from their former victory while he only allowed to use available team.

We can wait result from Conte to his new team.

9, Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel was appointed as a head coach of PSG since the 2018 summer until now.

He was paid at €9.6m.

During two seasons under management, he helped PSG to win total 4 titles in the consecutive league of the German league.

These achievements were amazing and admiring although profile of PSG was so good in history, his management ability and experience about connection, strategies should be highly appreciated on the tournament of the Euro continent.