Top 10 greatest football coaches all the time

Football is the most favorite sport in all global sports therefore it is invested big budget for stars as well good coaches to reach the maximum achievement.

In this article, we discuss top 10 greatest football coaches all the time. Actually, finding top 10 greatest football managers is more difficult than top 10 greatest football players when we have to compare other strict criteria such as different eras, their strategies or achievements.

It is a big challenge so we try the best to select high quality ranking as followings.

1/ Matt Busby

As common sense, one great coach can build up a great team. Therefore, football clubs usually focus on employing one professional manager to take care of team successfully.

During his career, Busby built 2 clubs: Manchester United from 1945, then 24 years later, Charlton. Both teams reached great achievements under management of Busby.

Firstly, MU won an FA cup and four times in title league during the Busby eras. Some fans called MU with nickname “The Busby Babes” because all footballers complied with strategies of coach, then reaching champions by champions. He was close with this team in a long time, from taking care eras of Bobby Charlton and Duncan Edwards to the younger players.

The second team under management of Busby was Charlton. He trained flair and skills for players to improve their talent better. As a good result, Charlton reached one European Cup trophy which Busby and his team chased the best to win it whereas the Munich disaster happened.

Finally, during his career, this coach owned five times for titles league, five times for charity shields tournament, two times for FA Cups and only one time for a European Cup. These records are amazing for one football coach, therefore Busby looks deserved to be ranked for the top greatest football management all time.