The best football manger in Manchester United

During history of Manchester Unit, it is well-known as a successful team, especially in early 20thcentury when they are under management by Sir Alex Ferguson. He is considered as the greatest head couch of MU as well top the best manager of the UK football. Thanks for excellent ability about management, building up strategies flexibly as well deep experience about football, he has ever contributed to success for MU as well growth of the UK football.

In this article, we will discuss more detail about his profile, career as well his life.

In general, he has a successful career in Scotland. He has ever joined professional manager career when he was still young. He was invited to manage the East Stillingshire in 1974. Then he moved to St Mirren at the same year. At there, he had ever reached some first achievements like transforming successfully for his team from a Second division to First division champions. It started to remark big processes in his career. Since it, frame of Sir Alex was dramatically realized. He helped St Mirren to reach top four teams in Scottish Cups and triumphs in the UEFA Cup, the UEFA Super cup.

These successes helped him to become more valuable in the football market. After many franchises, he decided to be close with Manchester united at Old Trafford. 

Until now, people said that this was a correct choice of Sir Alex. Through MU, he could brighten his career prestigiously as well became one of the best head coaches all the time.

Estimated that he had about 25 years to play position as manager of MU. During this time, he reached about 12 titles in the Premier Leagues which MU needed to wait in a long time until Sir Alex helped them to make dream become true. Besides it, he had also reached two titles in Champions league, 5 tiles in FA Cup trophies and one title for FIFA Club World Cup.