Soccer Coaches: Do They Have to Play Football Well?

In the past, most teams were usually led by old and experienced coaches. There are many coaches who don’t play football well but are very knowledgeable about football. For now, however, it seems that the coaching position often belongs to famous footballers.

AC Milan has won the European Cup 2 times in a row under the guidance of coach Arrigo Sacch. Next was Red Star Belgrade thanks to coach Ljubko Petrovic. Losing Red Star in a penalty shootout of 11m in 1991, but only two years later, Marseille of Raymond Goethals coach made it to the final again and successfully became the only French club to win the Champions League.

Stir Alex Ferguson has become one of Britain’s greatest coaches thanks to his glorious time with M.U. What are the common points among Sacchi, Petrovic, Goethals, Van Gaal, Lippi, Hitzfeld, Ferguson? They are not all famous football players. With the philosophy of making their own special tactics, they dominated the peak football throughout the 1990s.

Step through the 21st century, the “football philosophers” gradually fade. In contrast, more and more former players (at least once with the national team) become coaches of the Champions League teams.

Frank Rijkaard put Barcelona on the throne in 2006. Since then, Barcelona has won the Champions League three more times, both under the guidance of former players Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique. Jupp Heynckes, who helped Real succeed in 1998, now brings Bayern Munich to the throne in 2013.

From 2000 to the present, apart from the previous champions who had previously been Ferguson and Hitzfeld, there were only two coaches who were not originally former champions to win the Champions League. They are Rafael Benitez and Jose Mourinho.

It seems that times have changed. The problem with the moment of high commercialization is that the big teams all want to succeed quickly. No team has patiently provided the 3-4 years for the coach, such as the situation when Ferguson had just arrived at Manchester United.

There are 2 solutions: Firstly, hire a good coach who has a previous title. If not, then immediately select the old players who know the team to be the head coach. In addition to being good at playing football, they also have a clear advantage of the young coach’s school: very assertive and easy to make big changes that are suitable for the situation, not conservative and wasting time.