Sir Alex Was Accused of Fixing Manchester United Matches

The former Manchester United manager may have received a £ 30,000 Rolex watch to settle the match results between MU and Juventus in the Champions League in the past.

Giuseppe Pagliara has revealed a series of secrets when chatting with female role-playing reporters. Pagliara told the story of giving Sir Alex a Rolex watch to arrange the outcome of the MU match against Juventus in the Champions League as desired. This information gain a lot of public attention these days in UK and all over the world.

Pagliara presented evidence of cooperation with Sir Alex to settle the score for Man United and Juventus. Pagliara confirmed the former MU coach received the money. The tape of the female reporter with a paragraph that Pagliara emphasized did business with many other famous coaches besides Sir Alex. Even so, he denied this.

During the Pagliara trial, Dax Prrice and Scot Tommy Wright (former former Barnsley assistant), Steve McLaren (former Portsmouth manager), Harry Redknapp (former Tottenham coach) and Neil Warnock (Cardiff City coach).

When Sir Alex was Man United coach, this club met Juventus 8 times in the Champions League. In particular, the match in April 1999 made fans remember the most when MU was led and then defeated Juventus to reach the final. The Guardian predicts this could be a match against Sir Alex’s match-fixing.

Sir Alex is the greatest coach in MU history when holding the position for 26 consecutive years. He and his team conquered 38 different titles. Among them, the outstanding success of Sir Alex has 13 Premier League cups, 2 FA Cups and 2 crowns in the Champions League. After the 2012/13 season, the Scottish coach broke up with United. No more Sir Alex, Man United struggling during the reigns of David Moyes, Lo’uis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Therefore, this news has made many Man United fans feel shocked and disappointed.