Football coaches are charged with the responsibilities of developing individual players, as well as helping their team to win matches. There are several things which the coaches need to do to carry out these responsibilities successfully. Below are some of the essential roles of a football coach.


A coach has to plan the training sessions of the team, as well as supervise them. The training should be aimed at improving the general fitness of the players, as well as advancing their skills. In some cases, the coach may be responsible for managing a team of professional trainers. It is also during training sessions that the coach gets to know about the strengths of players and devise strategies, which will lead to wins.


The coach is also responsible for developing tactics which the team should use to win matches. Developing tactics requires the coach to study the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team and figure out a way for his team to win. In most cases, this is usually by studying videos of previous games. In addition to tactics, the coach also has to decide the formation and player positioning of his team.

Team Selection

A team may consist of many players, but only eleven get to be on the field at a time. The coach has to decide which players will play particular games. The coach will also decide the substitutions to be made, based on how the game progresses. There are many strategies involved in team selection. The coach has to consider team morale, performance, and strength of the opposition, among many other factors.


The coach also has to motivate the players before any game and ensure that they are in the right mental state to perform. He also studies the game to ensure that the players are following the tactics, as well as giving instructions to control the momentum of the match.