How to become a Soccer Coach

The FIFA Soccer World Cup is upon us already and the hopes of millions rest on the shoulders of the coach to help soccers to reach the highest levels of skill and performance. However, the path to greatness is also tread by the coach who often shares in the spotlight of victory with his superstars. The coach who is identified as the one who gave a young player his first chance at stardom, has now been elevated to “The Manager” as the pinnacle of coaching success. A successful coach is the rare breed of individual who identifies special talents, nurtures them and then instils the desire to flourish and succeed.
The coach is a football enthusiast who may have never played the game at the highest level but has the ability to identify talents, isolate weakness, inject enjoyment and manage the personalities surrounding them.

These qualities are essential at every levels both community and upper echelons of the professional ranks where the game of football thrives and delivers the stars of the future. Meanwhile, in the common community, coach would be needed to help develop youth talents, the love spirit for the game and build strong characters with respect for fair play and a desire to do better.

Football coach is so much more than an instructor with complex set of skills to teach the technical aspects of the game and understand the complexity of the human being to develop emotional intelligence, motivational skills, values and ethics, mental toughness and the like.
To become a coach, it is a journey which requires constant learning and self-development and here are a few easy pointers to get going:
1. Get involved in community coaching as volunteers to get familiar with the environment.
2. Become a coaching trainee and study as much as you can on the game.
3. Get a coaching qualification which is essential to progress in the field.
4. Compliment the qualification with improvement courses from the football federation.
5. Consider a referee course to learn the rules of the game from different perspective.