Coaching Girls Soccer

Coaching Girls Soccer is not easy as it requires various technical and social skills. In this article, we will introduce you some of them.

Be Patient
Coaching girls soccer is difficult as sometimes it has nothing to do with soccer at all. Coaches need to understand the emotional as well as physical needs of their female players to best support them such as offer advice, listen to issues, and so on.
In order to do so, coaches must be very patient, especially when dealing with confliction between girls and personal problems. The signs are varied from something unusual like a player lashing out at another or rebelling from authority, … To solve the root causes, coaches must work with that athlete to find out the real problem and help player grow and develop personally which contribute to help both team stay on track.

All Business on the Soccer Field

Coaches need to draw a line between before – after practice and during practice to help players mentally prepare for practice and concentrate to perform appropriately, pushing all other thoughts and conflicts aside. Otherwise, problems will creep up and athletes will be filled with questions, anxieties, and excitement… while on the field.

Use Visualization
As female athletes are more adept at visualization techniques than male so coaches can use this to add with their coaching. One way to put it into practise is having all athletes sit or lie down with their eyes closed before games, or practices, and visualise how the game would go. Coach should assist with the process by starting with a description of the surroundings and the distractions athletes might encounter, then walking the athletes through their preparation for the game, including a warm up and the first glimpse of the other team, and finally taking them through the game with encouragement, optimism, confidence in the right frame of mind. Visualization is an excellent mechanism to help coach girls soccers as it help calm and center athletes as well as see the outcome they wish to produce.