Best Italian Managers of All Time (Part 1)

José Mourinho has a great contribution for Italian football. Specifically, improving the quality of coaching of the nation. He mentioned this once when talking about his time at Inter Milan. 

“I couldn’t forget the game Inter versus Genoa, it was my first spell in Italian football,” the Manchester United boss shared.

“After the beginning of the match I decided to change my concept and then once again in the second half as the former Genoa coach kept changed his concept to adapt to mine as well … It was like playing chess.”

In Italy, tactics and organisation are extremely important. Thus, there is a huge of importance put on the quality of coaches, or as they term them, managers or head coaches. Therefore, it is no surprise that, when vote for ranking European Cup and Champions League-winning head coaches by nationality, Italian coaches comes out on top with 11 titles, ahead of Spain (ten titles), Germany and England (both equal at seven titles).

Here we introduce the best Italian managers of all time.


With his legendary raised left eyebrow, Carlo Ancelotti has a distinctive look to remember. Yet for most of the fan, it is his personal trophy haul that stands out his appearance.

After an impressive time coaching Parma and a not so successful two years with Juventus, he built himself as one of Europe’s finest tacticians and strategist with Inter Milan between 2001 and 2009. In this time he established Andrea Pirlo as a deep-lying playmaker, helped Kaká to become one of the most successful attacking players of recent times, and guided the Rossoneri to achieve one Scudetto, one Italian cup and two Champions League titles.

Since then, Ancelotti has established the reputation of a manager-for-hire, taking over and rejuvenating some of the most unsuccessful clubs in the world. He got the Premier League with Chelsea, won Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain and guided Real Madrid to a coveted tenth Champions League before defeating Pep Guardiola in the Bayern Munich dugout.